Bryan Airport

Bryan, Ohio


1. Trim from skins precisely on the bottom splice line.

2. Trim top of skins 1/2 inch beyond top trim line.

3. Donít trim front or rear lines yet.

4. Drill belly splice plate with No. 41 holes.

5. Use the splice as a drill guide and run holes through the left skin which is clamped with its edge on the splice plate centerline.

6. Align the right skin with the left skin and butt them together.

7. Run the drill through splice plate into the right skin.

8. Re-drill with No. 30 drill, centersink and rivet.

9. Make sure that there is no twist in the fuselage frame, that the front section is flat and in a plane and the same for the section aft of the seat. Proper angle between the two sections is such that the top of the rear spar carrythrough tube lies in the forward section plane. In other words, turn the frame upside-down and it should lie flat.

10. Wrap the assembled skin into shape and clamp to the frame so the tip trim lines line up with the top of the angles.

11. Drill, centersink, clean chips and pop rivet skin to frame.

12. Install No. 1 Bulkhead.

13. Spice forward section to tail cone (see instructions)

14. Install No. 4, 4A, 4B and 5 bulkheads.

15. Install No. 2 and 3 bulkheads, controls, instrument panel, tow hitch, landing gear, etc.