Williams Co. Airport, P.O. Box 566

Bryan, Ohio 43506


1. Assemble both wings on fuselage with main pins installed so that lower main wing pin extends into the bushing located in the center of the tube across the rear of the wheel well.

2. Shim up each main spar above fuselage longerons to get equal spacing and remove any weight from the lower main wing pin on the fuselage bushing.

3. Move wing assembly fore or aft to center wing rear spar drag fittings on fuselage drag carry through tube.

4. Place a straightedge aligned fore and aft on the top main wing attachment fittings.

5. Raise or lower rear spars to get measurement between straightedge and tube across back of seat to equal measurement between straightedge and lower tube of rear spar carry through.

6. Make duplicate of top wing root template. Place template on each wing root over No. 1 rib and sight top of templates to insure that wing roots have identical incidence.

7. Measure distance from each rear wing tip edge to rear end of fuselage. Equalize these distances by moving wing on fuselage. Make sure main spars are still in line so that main pins will come out easily.

8. Drill through each rear drag fitting and rear wing spar fitting with No. 12 drill. After double checking alignments, drill to 3/8 inch.

9. Make template from piece of scrap aluminum to slip over each 7/16 inch wing attach pin and just touch bottom of spar.

10. Use above templates to locate holes in wing to fuselage attachment angles. Drill 29/64 inch holes.

11. Install angles over pins, clamp to bottom spar flanges and drill holes for spar attachment bolts.

12. Install shims between angle and spar and bolt up.

13. While wings are attached to fuselage, mark flap carry through pivot supports for drilling. Centerline of these tow holes must intersect centerline of wing flap hinge lines at the point where fuselage drive rib meets the inboard flap rib.

14. Make sure that drive rib will enter flap rib freely when wing panels are installed on fuselage.

15. While the wing is mounted, place ailerons and control stick in neutral so that aileron push pull tubes can be marked and cut to the proper length.