Williams County Airport
Bryan, Ohio 43506


1. Clamp bulkheads and side rails to assembly fixture. Builders able to visit Bryan may use our jig. **

2. Draw centerline down middle of bottom skin on outside surface.

3. Drill hole in bottom center of each bulkhead.

4. As located with a stretched string, measure spacing between bulkhead centerline holes and mark the same spacing on the skin centerline. Drill holes.

5. Lay out holes spaced 1 1/2" on either side of the centerline hole to the side center lines of each bulkhead.

6. Cleco skin to bulkheads using all centerline holes.

7. Hold or strap skin against bulkheads and drill through bulkheads and skin from the inside. Drill and cleco 2 or 3 holes in each bulkhead at a time. This will bring the skin down evenly from end to end.

8. If skin extends beyond the side channel center or trim lines, it should be marked for later trimming.

9. Countersink all holes except those in the tail bulkhead. This bulkhead is highly stressed in torsion and must be drilled out for 430-4 rivets which are not countersunk for extra strength.

10. Rivet all bottom skin holes.

11. Remove assembly from jig, turn rightside up and support in cradle.

12. Install push-pull guides supports.

13. Repeat procedure above for top skin.

14. Do not drill any holes in the next to last bulkhead under the stabilizer front spar attachings which are drilled when the tail is mounted.

15. Install rear tail carrythrough plate.

16. Install tailwheel support angles and tailwheel assembly.

** For HP-14 only: Make sure that No. 12 bulkhead is properly inclined to the horizontal centerline to give the -2 degree stabilizer incidence.