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HP-14 Instruction Sheet 

Mounting Main Wing Fittings on Wing Spars

1. Trim and file ends of spar roots so that they are perpendicular to horizontal and vertical spar centerlines .

2 .Block wings up on floor J top surface up .

3. Place two top wing fittings on top of spars with 1/2'; bolt installed.

4. Stretch string from wing tip to wing tip and tape at each tip so that string is over forward face of spar shearweb.

5 .Align wings so that inboard ends of spar caps are even with base edges of top main fitting finger cut outs and spar root vertical centerlines intersect stretched string .

6. Make sure that fitting assembly fits caps in best possible alignment.

7. Drill through fitting holes and caps with #12 drill. Drop AN3 bolts into holes as drilling progresses to prevent movement

8. Re-drill holes with D drill.

9. Install 4 AN4 bolts and draw up nuts.

10. Remove 1/2" pin, turn wings over, reinstall l/2'' pin and block up wings so that assembled lower fittings line up as outlined in steps 5 and 6.

11. Repeat steps 7, 8, and 9 for drilling remaining set of fittings .

12. Remove fittings.

13. Install wing to fuselage fittings.

14. Mark centerlines on top and bottom of wing root frames .

15. Install spar root frames Nos. 14-110A and 14-l10B.

16. Locate frames by sighting centerlines thru cap and web rivet holes; drill and  pin in place .

17. Bolt main wing fittings and root frames in place.

18. Complete riveting of frames, bulkheads and fittings.

19. If spars are to be used to carry water ballast, install end cover plates and slosh interior of spar.