Williams Co. Airport, P. 0. Box 488

Bryan, Ohio 43506

Hp 14


1. Attach stabilizers to rear carry through plate by inserting a 1/8", or a number 30 drill through each of the top main fitting holes and brace the stabilizers so that the included angle of the rear spar centerlines is 90 degree and a straightedge placed across the top of the stabilizers will sight parallel with a straightedge resting on the top of the fuselage frame structure over No. 4 bulkhead.

2. Adjust stabilizers so that holes in front attach fitting are on same centerline as top rear fitting holes and clamp in place. This centerline is perpendicular to the rear tail spar carry through plate.

3. Run a No. 30 drill through the bottom main fittings and carry through plate.

4. Align front spar fuselage attach fittings with front spar fittings and drill for rivet holes through fuselage skin and No. 11 bulkhead. Be sure that holes are on bulkhead centerline.

5. Drill No. 30 pilot hole through front attach spar and fuselage fittings.

6. Remove any pins from bottom of main attach fittings and fold tail surfaces upward until they touch. Any misalignment will indicate necessity of filing front attach holes before final drilling.

7. Drill all attach holes with No. 12 drill, install 10/32 bolts and recheck alignments. 

8. If O.K. finish drill all holes with D letter drill to get snug fit on 1/.4" bolts.

9. With all bolts installed, clamp elevator actuator assemblies to carry through plate so that their hinge axes center and align with elevator hinge axes. Shim brackets as necessar

10. Drill and bolt to carry through plate.

11. If taper pins are to be used follow Taper Pin Installation Instructions.