Don Conroy

Currently N8DC has a total of 237 hours of flight time.  The ship was stored for 14 years while I flew an ASW 19.  I just could not part with it at that time.  I sold the ASW and restored the HP.  Flew it a few times and started to have dizzy spells and stopped flying. It was returned to storage where it has remained for the past seven years. 

The ship is in excellent condition, as new.  It is a beautiful sailplane.

Equipment includes:

            Para—Security 150.

            Radio 720 Terra

            PZL mechanical vario

            Ball electric with audio

            Airspeed Indicator




            O2 tank

            Winter barograph

Construction quality is excellent, as good or better than any you have seen.

There are no modifications except trim, hand brake on the stick, boom mike with stick mounted mike button.