HP-18 N22HY
Photos by
Bob Avon

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This sailplane was built in Sandpoint, Idaho by Bill Leslie. He was assisted by two very skilled mechanics/machinists, Dale McCormick and Dick Metler. They did a great job and were very meticulous.  Quite literally, nothing went into this sailplane unless it was absolutely as perfect as they could make it. The project was completed in 1981.

While Bill owned N22HY he logged 110 hours and sold it to Bob Avon in 2001. However, Bob has been unable to fly it due to circumstances that curtailed his flying. Currently he has a spinal condition that prevents him from performing the chores associated with assembly/disassembly and ground handling

N22HY has standard instruments plus a Cambridge mechanical vario and a RICO electric vario. Other items includes a parachute, oxygen, boom mike, 5 point harness, winglet kit (not installed), canopy cover and lots of handling gear. As you can see in the pictures the Schreder trailer is very nice.

YouTube flight video.