HP-18 (N818HP) "To Do" List

Here is the list of things that I would have to do to finish the plane. I want to be sure you understand that I am including everything that came with the original kit plus stuff that I have added but that there may be other things that you will have to supply.  As a kit builder you will have the plans and magazine articles and your own ingenuity. I am listing all the things I could find on my old “to do” list in no particular order but that doesn’t guarantee the list is complete. It has been a year since I last worked on the project. I would highly recommend reading all the construction articles and recommendations on the HP web site if you haven’t already. But keep in mind that the plane flew just fine for Schreder and most of the suggestions should be considered after you get the plane flying.

1.      Index for flaps-Dick Schreder told me he let the flap handle lock against the side rail of  the cockpit

2.      Paint airplane (and trailer?)

3.      Cockpit ventilation-eyeball vent included

4.      Seatback, headrest (original parts included), and arm rest.

5.      Rework canopy fit and attachment

6.      Tail has to be reassembled-front stabilizer fuselage brackets need to be welded

7.      Drill holes in main spar pins for safeties

8.      Install hydraulic brake

9.      Permanent fittings for trailer

10.  Mark radio “Receive Only”-for legal reasons-radio works

11.  Gap seals for tail-not included-I have some pieces from another HP if you want to try them- they are original copper/berrylium and are now considered a hazardous substance

12.  Fit fairings to tail

13.  Mount radio antenna-included

14.  Wing seals for flaps and ailerons-not included

15.  Weight and balance-I have done a preliminary and constructed a bracket for holding lead weights. All HP-18’s I know of have to have weight added to tail. Lead not included.

16.  Mass balance the ruddervators.

17.  Install battery holder-batteries not included.