10,000 Feet and Climbing
- The Aviation Adventures of Richard Schreder -

By Karen Barbera

Book Reviewed by: Dick Johnson

The following was posted on rec.aviation.soaring by Duane Eisenbeiss:

If you have been involved in soaring at all, you know the name Dick Schreder. He has won many soaring contests. Most will know of him as the designer of the HP series of sailplanes. Wherever Dick attended a contest you would hear stories of Dick’s unbelievable but true flying experiences, usually told by his wife Angie. Many of us continually told her she should write a book.

Well a couple of years ago Dick’s daughter started such a book. I had the pleasure of reading an early draft and found it very enjoyable. It tells of Dick’s early flying and building while in collage. Then continues with his Navy flying. He was first to sink a German sub during WW2 and from an observation plane! It tells of his many soaring stories including his landing behind the Iron Curtin and his stay with primitive people in Argentina during World Championships.

The book is finally in print. It can be ordered from:

Soaring Society of America or Knauff & Grove Soaring Supplies