# 1 - HP-Gliders is a privilege, not a right. In the interest of stimulating rapid information exchange, individual postings are not screened or moderated. To a large extent, the community is self governing...say something silly and a half dozen people will point out your silliness publicly, and an equal number will do the same privately...

There are certain guidelines concerning subject matter:

# 2 - The subject of discussion concerns HP/RS/RHJ-series gliders. Ownership, modification, and engineering subjects are fair ground. But not to excess...

# 3 - Please, no profanity, racial, sexual, ethnic slurs. This group has worldwide membership, so even a local commonly used slang may be considered offensive in other areas or countries. Think before you post. Violate this and you will be unsubscribed without warning.

# 4 - Post in ~80 column space delimited ASCII. English language. Please, no encapsulated post script, GIF or TIF files. If you're using a mail client that includes a vcard attachment or similar as a default, turn this option off.

Please be sure to properly quote other people's original mail, and to delineate between their original text and your response. For guidance on this, please stop by Do not send attachments to the list.

# 5 - Please word your posts presuming a public audience.

# 6 - Please make sure that you provide useful content. One liners, cute quips, "me too" or "thanks" posts should be addressed to an individual rather than the group at large. Violate this repeatedly and you'll be unsubscribed.

# 7 - Courtesy to the net community. > The skill level of members varies widely. It helps to be self-effacing when asking about things that might seem obvious to more experienced. Don't ask questions that were answered just last week. Please keep .sig files under six lines.

# 8 - If you are having personality conflicts with another net member, do so privately; if need be, involve one of the list managers ( off-line. Please, No flame wars. No trolling. No taunting. No harassment.

# 9- OCCASIONAL private sales advertisement of personal property is permitted. Commercial businesses are not permitted to advertise on the list. On the other hand, including mail signature files of the nature of your business or services, is perfectly acceptable. This is keeping with the internet's origins (that is, USENET guidelines.) Please send email to any clarification for/or pertaining to this policy.

# 10 - Administration (i.e. subscription change, unsubscribes, etc) requests are to be directed to the list request address:

or the list managers at

These guidlines are designed to make the list better and more useful for all of us. The unpaid list mangers put a lot of time and effort into planning and managing the service, and we *need* your thoughtful contributions to help make sure this community thrives.