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Building the original HP-10
Picking up the box containing wing parts in Danbury, Connecticut.
There are 600 to 700 rivets just in the tail cone section which is about 2.5 m long. Feb 64.
Miscellaneous loose wing pieces.
My sister Ragna (right) and her friend pose next to upside down cockpit section.
My proud father is pleased to be making headway with his project.
One of the V-tail sections wrapped and tied for glueing I would guess.
Sometimes Mom and Dad worked together
Dad wrote on the back:
Gun-Britt was very impressed that the tail actually fit when we trial assembled it for the first time. Feb. 64.
Panels of the right wing prior to assembly.
Mom, my sister and her friend with assembled plane in the driveway in Palmyra, NJ
I suspect our neighbors thought my parents were quite unusual.
Oct. 64. Dad in the driveway. The family Citroens never did have a chance to live in the garage.
Mom is eager to get this bird into the air! Feb 65.
Cockpit and instruments take shape. March 65.
June 65. The artists in the family, me and Mom, are called into service for the crucial N number application.