N1294B Project
modified HP-10 built in the 1960s
Building the original HP-10 This airplane, HP-10 registration number N1294B, was built by my father, Björn Flodén. He was a competitive soaring pilot, and holder of altitude records while living in his native Sweden. My mother, Britt Flodén, was also very active in the sport, in fact she was the first woman in Sweden to earn the Gold Badge in addition to many other aviation accolades.

Dad was an engineer. He designed, executed the stress analysis, and oversaw the construction of the huge broadcasting antenna mounted atop the World Trade Center in New York while emplyed at RCA. He accumulated about a dozen individual patents.

Soaring was the glue that held my parents together, their shared passion.

But, time marches on and claims each one of us eventually ... and now this airplane project needs to find a new captain.

—Rita Flodén Leydon

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Flying the original HP-10
The crash.
Modifying the design and starting over.
For sale in current as is condition.