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Flying the original HP-10
July 65. This was a family project. My sister and I had always lived with airplane parts in the living room. We were were raised at airports in both our native Sweden and in the US when we moved here 1960. Here the HP-10 is packed and ready to go the Summit Airport in Delaware for its fist test flight.
This is a lovely shot of Dad in his completed airplane ... the fruition of a vision and a dream. July 18, 1965.
Summit Airport. Our HP-10 is in the foreground. The other ship belonged to Lex du Pont who allowed my parents the recreational use of it.
We spent a week at Summit flying and testing the glider .. my sister and I hunted four leaf clovers and ran errands on our bicylces ... this was our base of operations. Mom is preparing a tailgate lunch. Dad was a clever fellow, and he had rigged some wing supports such that one single person could both put the wings on and take them off AND load the wings onto the tailer ... solo.
July 65. It is always a pleasure to show and tell to interested folks who stroll by. Here Mom goes through the schpiel.
August 65. Written on back: Gun-Britt (mom) comes in for landing after the first flight of the day. 65 flaps makes it such that you come in steeply without the speed going up.