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Current condition

This glider sits today in my barn, in Lahaska, PA. Its been in storage here for going on 35 years, give or take, it never did get to join my parents in the wilds of their Colorado retirement. Dad never got any further with the project, although he formed a buck which he planned to shape a fiberglass skin over. The glider took a back seat to refitting a BD-4 power plane with a stronger high altitude engine and the building of a passive solar house with Mom. Time passed and Dad's brain started slipping into dementia. Mom died and he braved it a couple of years alone before he asked to come live in Pennsylvania with me. Dad died in April 2002. I wrote an article about sprinkling his ashes on a mountain in Colorado here.

Wings on left and fuselage on right. My son's snowmobile in the middle and other barn junk all around.
Right side of nose.
Left side of nose.
Midsection of fuselage.
Gear down, the glider looks rather proud, even in its current dusty and bedraggled condition.
Pilot view.
Cable and pulley system.
More cables and pulleys.
Tail and wings.
Wings. The wings were never damaged. They are perfect, just dusty.
Center of wings, the ends that attach to the fuselage.
The wings have their own little bolt on wheels so they are easy to maneuver on the ground.
These are the wing tips.