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The HP-Gliders Forum is an Internet mailing list where a message sent to the list is broadcast to all members of the list.

Hp-gliders is aimed at the hard-core HP, RS and RHJ enthusiast. Subject matter on this list may tend to be relatively technical, with most of the discussion concerning ownership, repair, and performance enhancement issues of older aircraft.

Typical topics might include aileron modifications, construction pitfalls, riveting and gluing techniques, full-flap approaches, and things of that nature. The first thing to note is that this list is a closed list. You must be a subscriber in order to post. The list server has been configured to reject non-member posts, to ensure that only dedicated members have a voice here, and to protect the community from spam.

After subscribing to the list, you can post a message to all listmembers simply by addressing it to

The HP-Gliders mailing list is administered by Wayne Paul. If you have any questions about subscribing or unsubscribing, you can e-mail Wayne by clicking here.


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